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K-SEAL - Coarse, Fine, and Super Blend
All-around Lost Circulation Material That WORKS!

General Information

K-SEAL is an organic, cellulosic, fiber especially suited to combat lost circulation in oil and gas wells.  K-SEAL is available in three grades; Coarse, Super Blend, and Fine sized material. Selected grades of K-SEAL are effective in recovering mud losses ranging from seepage in more dense and fractured formations to total losses in highly porous, low pressured and vugular formations.  It should be noted that K-SEAL Coarse is a combination of all three grades of material.  This graded combination of materials greatly enhances the possibility of successfully sealing off most lost circulation zones when they are encountered.  It should be noted that adequate product should be applied to the loss zone for favorable results to be obtained.


K-SEAL is considered specialized in that it can be effectively used in both oil based and water based muds without adversely affecting either drilling fluid.  K-SEAL will preferentially water wet in a water based mud but also preferentially oil wet in a oil base mud environment.  K-SEAL has very little effect on emulsion stability of oil based muds and it does not “wick” water from the mud endangering emulsion stability.  This feature is uncharacteristic to most fibrous, organic, LCM materials.

Physical Properties

  • Composition - Wide range of graded fibrous particles
  • Form - Fibrous to powdered, biodegradeable material
  • Bulk Density, Compacted, lb/cu ft - 13-14
  • Moisture, % -  < 6
  • pH, 5% in water - Neutral
  • Particle Size -
    • Coarse < 1/4" (includes all grades)
    • Fine < 1/8"
    • Super Blend 1/8" and < 1/8" Blend (50/50)

Typical Results

Base Mus - Brine 10.00ppg
Xanthan -
White Starch - 2.0ppg
pH - 9.0
Drilled Solids - 3%

Sand Pack, 20/40 mesh sand pack in API Filtrate Cell @ 100 psi


Composition Mud 1 Mud 2 Mud 3 Mud 4
Base Mud, bl 1 1 1 1
K-SEAL (Coarse), lb/bbl 10      
K-SEAL (Fine), lb/bbl   10    
K-SEAL (Super Blend), lb/bbl     10  
Cedar Fiber, lb/bbl       10

K-SEAL (Coarse) - Mud Spurt = 19 ml
Shut-Off Time = 10 seconds (slow drip)

K-SEAL (Fine) - Mud Spurt = 3.5 ml
Shut-Off Time = 3 seconds (very slow drip)

K-SEAL (Super Blend) - Mud Spurt = 3.0 ml
Shut-Off Time = 3 seconds (very slow drip)

Cedar Fiber - Mud Spurt = 67 ml
Shut Off Time = 55 seconds (fast drip)

Recommended Applications

Moderate Losses to Seepage Control

K-SEAL (Fine and Super Blend) are more suited to controlling moderate to seepage losses (<10 bbl/hr) in both water and oil based mud.  In most instances seepage loss occurs in more dense formations and in very tight fractures, and is the result of over burden pressure applied to the formation drilled.  If mud density cannot be reduced due to abnormal pressures being present, it is recommended that 10-20 lb/bbl of Fine or Super Blend material be added to a pill and pumped through the well-bore.  Should losses subside, further additions are not necessary unless more losses occur.  Repeat the exercise at this point.

Another great feature of K-SEAL Fine and Super Blend is the fact that well bore integrity can be enhanced as a result of immediate and effective plugging of under pressured fracture beds.  Fracture breakage is minimized, therefore reducing the chance of hole collapse during the drilling of lateral intervals.

Severe Losses

K-SEAL (Coarse) is highly recommended to combat moderate to severe losses that could jeopardize the entire drilling operation.  In combating this condition it is sometimes necessary to mix upwards of 20-30 lb/bbl of LCM to “heal” the loss zone(s).  Tripping the pipe may be necessary to remove the jets from the bit so that a plugged drill string will not result from high concentrations of LCM being pumped.  It is also recommended that drilling motors, floats or any obstruction be removed from the drill string in the event of severe losses for the same reasons mentioned.

Note: Should losses subside after mixing and pumping LCM pills to the loss zone, and then re-occur when the bit is passed by the loss zone, it can be deducted that part of the LCM is too coarse and is being wiped off the well-bore at the loss zone face.  A finer grade of LCM is necessary at this point so that the material can enter the loss zone and begin sealing off losses inside rather than at the well-bore wall.

K-SEAL (Coarse) is best suited to combat moderate to severe losses as it is a graded product having Coarse, Super Blend, and Fine material in the bag.


K-SEAL Coarse is packaged in 50 lb plastic bags

K-SEAL Fine is packaged in 25 lb paper bags

K-SEAL Super Blend is packaged in 25 lb paper bags


See Materials Safety Data Sheet for specific information concerning safety requirements.

K-SEAL is available from RotaryONE

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