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  • Drilling Fluids for Energy

    Rotary ONE Services Drilling Fluids is a Certified MHA TERO Contractor working several projects on Native American Tribal Lands in NORTH DAKOTA and MONTANA.
    With service in TEXAS, NEW MEXICO and OKLAHOMA PANHANDLE AREA, we strive on bringing quality products and Professional Engineering Services to you.

  • Oil Based Mud

    Oil Based Mud (OBM) is used for many reasons such as increased lubricity, greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity.
    Also OBM can withstand greater heat without breaking down.

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How Long Could We Live Without Oil?

The United States oil reserves are full, but what if there was a crisis? Ever wonder how our oil reserves work? Here’s a quick fascinating look at how our oil reserves operate, how they are used to keep the economy afloat, and how long we could sustain if suddenly oil became unavailable.

The official name “United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve” is our home to millions of barrels of reserve oil. This oil is owned by our government. The actual “Reserves” that are used to store oil, are deep underground located in 4 enormous salt caverns. These caverns are located off of the gulf coast. Right now at full capacity, 727 million barrels of oil are in reserve.

In the event of an emergency, such as some unforeseen embargo breakdown, or conflict in the Middle East, preparations had to be made to secure American oil to sustain and protect ourselves. In 1973, the United States created the "Strategic Oil Reserve" to address this issue. With these reserves came some interesting possibilities of being able to recoup the economy if some type of war, or crisis ever presented to disrupt our stability or security. During these times, the government can “Release” amounts of oil to aid our countries demands.

Believe it or not, the “Release” of oil happens more frequently than you would expect. The good news is, reserves are full now. After each release, it becomes priority to replace if not add to the reserve amounts taken. The U.S. has released oil after hurricanes that devastated regions and reduced supply or transport of oil in our country. Also, in an effort to keep summer fuel prices down, oil has previously been released to ease the burden on petrol consumers.

The “Release” of oil is a topic under constant scrutiny, for one simple reason. Many feel that our oil reserves should be used only for our nations personal security, war in particular. Hypothetically, if the United States had to rely on our own oil for any reason, the reserve claims that our nation could sustain for 75 days. Plans are in the works to expand our reserves, increasing the timetable for sustainability.

Rotary One Drilling Fluids is privileged to be part of the U.S. efforts to help our nation become more energy self-sustaining.

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