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  • Drilling Fluids for Energy

    Rotary ONE Services Drilling Fluids is a Certified MHA TERO Contractor working several projects on Native American Tribal Lands in NORTH DAKOTA and MONTANA.
    With service in TEXAS, NEW MEXICO and OKLAHOMA PANHANDLE AREA, we strive on bringing quality products and Professional Engineering Services to you.

  • Oil Based Mud

    Oil Based Mud (OBM) is used for many reasons such as increased lubricity, greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity.
    Also OBM can withstand greater heat without breaking down.

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In the race for energy independence, the United States is giving competitors a run for their money. Reports are in, and the U.S. is booming with oil. With the war ongoing in the Middle East, and Islamic State controlled oil funding world terror, the stakes have never been higher. According to reports regarding Syrian oil, 6 of 10 oilfields are being controlled by IS. Another four are reported in Iraq.

Texas oilfields, specifically the Permian Basin as well as the Eagle Ford Shale are now producing up to 35% of U.S. oil. When combined with the recent growth of Idaho’s oil production, including the Three Forks Formation and Bakken Shale, reports indicate that the U.S. is now producing over 8.5 million barrels per day.

Production from Syria reports 50 million barrels per day, and Iraq around 30 million per day. As the world watches, and the war on terror continues, smuggled oil has been caught red handed funding the offense in both countries.

With the United States effort to breakdown the terrorist cells in the Middle East, over 200 air strikes have been reported since August in Iraq. This U.S led coalition is now moving to Syria this week. The Pentagon stated that 12 targets in Syria include oil refineries. Reports since Monday are showing an aggressive 3 days of air strikes in that region, significantly devastating refineries run by militants.

The time has come for the U.S. to step up it’s production. And the numbers are impressive from those efforts. As the war in the Middle East plays out, numbers will be changing across that region. As of now, over 40 countries have offered to join the anti-IS coalition.

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