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  • Drilling Fluids for Energy

    Rotary ONE Services Drilling Fluids is a Certified MHA TERO Contractor working several projects on Native American Tribal Lands in NORTH DAKOTA and MONTANA.
    With service in TEXAS, NEW MEXICO and OKLAHOMA PANHANDLE AREA, we strive on bringing quality products and Professional Engineering Services to you.

  • Oil Based Mud

    Oil Based Mud (OBM) is used for many reasons such as increased lubricity, greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity.
    Also OBM can withstand greater heat without breaking down.

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LCM Products


A type of Lost-Circulation material that is chunky in shape and size prepared in a range of particle sizes. Granular LCM is added to mud and pumped down-hole to help retard and seal the loss zones of mud in fractures or highly permeable formations. Ideally, granular LCM should be insoluble and inert to the mud system in which it is used. Examples are grind and sized limestone carbonate or cedar, fibre, walnut hulls, formica, mica and cottonseed hulls. Often, granular, flake and fiber LCMs are mixed together into an LCM pill and pumped into the well bore next to the loss zone to seal the formation for continued drilling. Three different sizes of LCM are recommended to control loss of fine size particles to penetrate fractures and seepage areas. Medium sizes to adequately seal openings and finally larger particle sizes to coat well bore for resumed drilling.



Ground walnut shells for the preparation of a loss of circulation slug that has a high solids content and extremely high water loss characteristics allowing the buildup of a highly permeable plug that penetrates the zone of loss and is quickly sealed off by mud solids.

A formulation of diatomaceous earth, a fibrous mineral, and lime for the lost circulation control in water base drilling fluids.

Is a combination of granules, flakes and fiber materials.

Is finely ground cellulosic material of different sizes and shapes for maximum plugging of zones of high loss of circulation.

A special grade of ground mica that is selected for the optimum thickness and sized to a specific range for use in combating zones of high loss of circulation in horizontal and vertical drilling operations.

A new-technology is water-swell able but not water-soluble, 100% crystalline synthetic polymer. It absorbs hundreds of times its own weight in water. It is intended for use as a loss circulation material in vertical and horizontal directional drilling. Add 10 -20 lb/100 gallons of drilling fluid. Packaged in 10-lb resealable plastic containers.

Consists of a processed cedar fiber for sealing fractures and porous loss zones.

Organic, cellulosic, fiber especially suited to combat loss circulation problems. The product is available in three grades, Coarse, fine and Super Blend material sizes. This product is effective in recovering losses ranging from seepage in more dense and fractured formations to total losses in highly porous, low pressure and vugular formations. Used in both Oil based and Water based without adversely affecting either drilling fluid.

Shredded Cellulosic fibrous product for control of seepage and loss of circulation. 

Acid soluble formulated extrusion spun mineral fiber. The flexible fiber will increase circulation by forming bridges and plugging voids in all types of permeable formations.

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