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  • Drilling Fluids for Energy

    Rotary ONE Services Drilling Fluids is a Certified MHA TERO Contractor working several projects on Native American Tribal Lands in NORTH DAKOTA and MONTANA.
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  • Oil Based Mud

    Oil Based Mud (OBM) is used for many reasons such as increased lubricity, greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity.
    Also OBM can withstand greater heat without breaking down.

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Cross Link Polymers

Biopolymer for Rheology Control


RotaryONE polymer is a high molecular weight xanthan biopolymer used for rheology control in water-based circulating systems.


RotaryONE’s primary function is to provide effective viscosity for solids transport and solids suspension. It will enable optimum rheology control through superior low shear rate viscosity, which is highly shear thinning. RotaryONE polymer will perform effectively in all types of water-based circulating fluids from low solids to highly weighted systems. This includes fresh water, salt, and heavy brine systems. Generally, RotaryONE will hydrate faster than dispersible products in brine systems, including saturated NaCl and 11.0 lb/gal CaCl2.


RotaryONE polymer provides pseudoplastic rheological properties for improved hydraulics. This includes minimum friction pressures for additional hydraulic horsepower at the bit to improve penetration rates. The high viscosity at low shear rates promotes laminar flow in the annulus for increased borehole stability and maximum solids transport capacity.


RotaryONE polymer should be added slowly through the hopper at maximum shear to avoid lumping and to minimize waste. It should be added at the rate of approximately two (2) pounds per minute (25 minutes for 50 lb sack). High salinity, cold water, and low shear mixing will lengthen the time for full viscosity to be achieved.


The amount of RotaryONE polymer required will depend upon the effective viscosity or friction pressure reduction needed. When used as the primary viscosifier in a low colloid system, 1.0 to 2.0 lb/bbl may be required. Higher concentrations, up to 3 lb/bbl, may be used for extremely high transport requirements.


RotaryONE polymer will function in fluid temperatures up to 280°F (138°C).
The addition of 3% salt and an oxygen scavenger will improve temperature stability in fluids over 200°F (94°C). Specially formulated systems have been used at temperatures in excess of 300°F (149°C). RotaryONE polymer is slightly anionic and therefore special mixing procedures must be used when mixed with cationic materials. Tri-valent ions, such as chromium, may cause biopolymer precipitation and loss of viscosity. Compatibility testing is recommended with all but standard drilling fluid additives.

Toxicology and Safety

RotaryONE polymer is a non-hazardous material and can safely be used in environmentally sensitive areas.

General Information

  • Chemical Name - xanthan gum CAS #: 11138-66-2
  • Bulk Density - 40-60 lb/ft³
  • Appearance - Cream to tan colored dry powder
  • DOT Classification - Non-hazardous
  • Packaging: 50 lb or 25 kg plastic lined paper bags

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