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  • Drilling Fluids for Energy

    Rotary ONE Services Drilling Fluids is a Certified MHA TERO Contractor working several projects on Native American Tribal Lands in NORTH DAKOTA and MONTANA.
    With service in TEXAS, NEW MEXICO and OKLAHOMA PANHANDLE AREA, we strive on bringing quality products and Professional Engineering Services to you.

  • Oil Based Mud

    Oil Based Mud (OBM) is used for many reasons such as increased lubricity, greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity.
    Also OBM can withstand greater heat without breaking down.

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Rotary One Services LLC

rotaryone3dRotary ONE Services LLC was founded in 2006 to ensure Experienced and Qualified Engineering in the Drilling Fluids Industry.

We are currently focused on projects in North Dakota and are one of the few MHA TERO Certified Contractors approved to work on the Indian Reservation.

We are working several projects in North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana. We are following the play in the Bakken Shale Formation. There are now over 4,000 active oil wells in North Dakota and that estimate is forecast to rise as more and more oil is extracted.  Some of the sweet spots in Bakken Shale Oil Field by city are:  Beluh, Hazen, Parshall, Garison, Washburn.  Bakken Shale Oil Field Counties: Mountrail County, Dunn County, Mercer County and McKenzie County.

rotaryonerigThe goal for Rotary ONE is to ensure quality Products and exceptional Professional Engineering Service. We take pride in our company and what we can do for you. We provide a exclusive approach to Drilling Fluids Programming which will benefit your operations. Rotary ONE prides itself with leadership and vision for our clients.

As Rotary ONE expands, we will broaden our services to more locations through-out the United States. Rotary ONE Drilling Fluids LLC offers services in Texas, New Mexico, Panhandle Area, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. We now have  new locations in Denver Colorado, Dickinson North Dakota and will be expanding our services more in the future.

Check out the new Rotary ONE website and see what services we offer and see what we can do to benefit your Drilling Operations. Stay tuned for new updates!

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  • Liquid Oil Based Mud
  • Water Based Fluids
    Weighted and Unweighted
  • Bulk Barite
  • Bentonite
  • Aphron Invasion control
  • Cross Link
  • LCM Products
  • MAD ! Microemulsion Additive
  • Horizontal Lubes
  • Polymers
  • Xanthan
  • Corrosion & Completion Fluids